Now that 2019 Big Tens are in the books. What did we learn about the Hawkeyes this past weekend?

  1. Alex Marinelli is a Big Ten Champ and did so in dramatic fashion. Marinelli upended 2x NCAA Champ Vincenzo Joseph. Marinelli proved PSU is beatable. He won with great positioning and physical attacks to the head.
  2. Spencer Lee’s strength and stamina is returning. Lee looked the best he has all year. Moving forward. One day at a time here.
  3. Pat Lugo continued his forward progress and appears to be peaking at the right time.
  4. Jacob Warner is a force to be reckoned with. Warner was 3-1 over the weekend, his only loss was to Kollin Moore (OSU). Moore lead the Semi-Final Match 3-2 and scored a takedown in the final 18 seconds to win 5-2.
  5. Austin DeSanto vs Nick Suriano provided arguably the best match of the tournament. Once again DeSanto’s energy pushed the pace and that will equate to a solid NCAA performance.
  6. Kaleb Young’s scrambling ability is cat like. The future is bright here.
  7. The Big Tens is a grueling tournament. The Hawkeyes finished 3rd and in this writers opinion that is a positive performance
  8. Jason Nolf and Bo Nickal graduate and I think we can all agree that is good thing for anyone other than PSU.
  9. PSU, at times, was vulnerable this weekend. Did Alex Marinelli show the wrestling world a blueprint for the future?
  10. This team is young and showed some serious fight this past weekend. It’s great to be a Hawkeye!