The Hawkeye Wrestling fan base is massive, spanning generations and geography. As our community has grown, our access to technology has not.

I created 1984 out of frustration. Anonymity has lead to negativity. A toxic environment that asphyxiates creativity. It stifles those who may have a great idea or a positive message.

Like many of you, I have ideas and energy that need an outlet. The current community-based platforms are failing us. In truth, our fan base has been reluctant to change. Wrestling fans are stubborn.

In my opinion, our fan base is divided into those that cannot let go of the past and those that believe in the future. However, we all have a common goal, to win. How we get back to dominating is up for debate. One thing for sure, we can’t do it with trolls hiding behind screen names.

One idea I love, is the HWC Inner Circle. Randy Novak has done a great job in making the HWC accessible to all fans and this concept could be the spark to something much bigger. The Inner Circle has 336 members who have invested financially into Hawkeye Wrestling.

These fans deserve better community-platform.

Restricted. Heavily Moderated. Zero Anonymity. Two Strikes and your out.

What I build is up to you, the Real Hawkeye Wrestling Fans, the question is do you want it?

Here is my commitment:

  • I believe in being positive.
  • Content: Quality over quantity.
  • Investment into developing community-based platforms for Real Hawkeye Wrestling Fans.
  • Working tirelessly at improving our brand as a fan base.

Want to help us create content on 1984? Have an idea to help build a better community? Interested in being a moderator?


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