Inner Circle Forum Launch!

The soft launch of the Inner Circle Forum was yesterday.

As of this morning, we are approaching 100 forum members. I had lunch with Randy Novak today. Since Monday, they’ve added six new Inner Circle members!

I can’t help but think of this iconic scene from Field of Dreams, where Terrence Mann convinces Ray Kinsella to not sell the farm. I know this is a wrestling site, but the scene fits.

I want to thank my Uncle for being my version Terrence Mann and convincing me to build this site. Thank you, Lyle. ( No, I will not cook another ham in ground because of this 🙂

In the coming months, 1984 will provide exclusive content to the Inner Circle members. If you’re a Hawkeye Wrestling Fan, then its time to support the Hawkeye Wrestling Club. The time is now. Join the ranks of fans that have already committed to the Inner Circle.