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Spencer Lee AMA!

When: Tuesday the 21st

Time: 2pm CST

Where: Inner Circle Forum

2X NCAA Champ Spencer Lee has graciously volunteered to visit the 1984 Inner Circle Forum for an exclusive AMA! Inner Circle members can post their questions inside the forum now or visit the site and post questions at the time of the event. The AMA should last about hour!

The forum is already filling up with some good questions:

  • Have you seen Detective Pikachu yet, and if so, thoughts?
  • After rooming with Warner and Cassioppi, who is weirder?
  • What makes Iowa Wrestling unique from anything else you’ve seen?

Has there ever been a better time to Join the Inner Circle?

We designed the Forum for the Hawkeye Wrestling Club’s Inner Circle Members. Members of the group are provided exclusive access to athletes, coaches, and the occasional rumor!

Donating to the Hawkeye Wrestling Club is very important to the program. You can be an integral part of helping our athletes achieve their goals of becoming World and Olympic Champions.

In a recent Q/A on the private forum Mark Perry mentioned the importance of fundraising before the Olympics:

“We need to raise a lot more money. This is an important time. The end of the quad is huge, obviously we are going to spend more money this year than we have in the past few years. I think what’s exciting now is people want to support the club at the individual level. It starts now. Fundraising is just as important as the training and recruiting.”

Perry also mentioned how important the Inner Circle is:

“Winning as a team is important. For everyone that has been supporting us these past few years. It will show growth. The Inner Circle members need to know they’re helping build this championship team.”

2020 is going to be a big year for the Hawkeyes!