New Facility

The Definitive Guide to the New Hawkeye Wrestling Facility.

“I don’t look at it like we are keeping up with the Jones’s. I look at it like what is essential and how we have evaluated what we need going forward. We need it.” ~ Tom Brands

Before the U of I considers the new facility an official project about 50% of the funds need to be raised privately. This project is 100% privately funded. Once those funds are legally committed the U of I will formally announce the facility. At that point, the rest of the funds will be raised through a public campaign led by the U of I Foundation.

The first stage of fundraising consisted of seeking large donations from leaders with a vision, a passion for Iowa wrestling, and very substantial financial resources. This is where Bob Nicolls stepped up in a huge way. He not only put up a huge pledge, but he also rallied the troops and brought in a lot more still from his friends and colleagues. Jim Sinclair also stepped up big-time, as did another prominent donor who preferred to remain anonymous. Others pitched in substantial amounts, as well.

Hopefully there will be agreement by the “uppers” in September, and then a formal announcement thereafter. There are now commitments in the 8 digits, and going up. So far we’ve raised 58% of the funds. All donations count, so join the herd! Go Hawks!!” ~ Bob Nicolls

The project will go to the board of regents soon for approval as an official U of I construction effort (though still 100% privately funded). Although considerable planning has already occurred, more detailed and finalized renderings will be produced, and they’ll be available for the public fundraising campaign.

It has truly been a grass-roots effort, led 100% by the coaches and the fans to date. We’re committed to making it happen, and we’re bringing the U of I along for the ride. As such, the first phase has been publicized very little apart from a few posts on message boards, etc. Once it’s declared an official project, the publicity and detailed info will skyrocket.

Hopefully the whole Iowa wrestling community jumps on board and pitches in. I think it will.

If you are interested in donating, large or small please reach out to:

Kevin Collins, University of Iowa Ph: 319-467-3743

September 22, 2017

HawkCentral, Iowa wresting announces new facility feasibility study.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to student-athletes, the department will begin a feasibility study for the potential development of a wrestling practice facility,” Barta said. “The study will allow us to evaluate our options for the continued enhancement of Iowa wrestling.”